Monday, 8 September 2014

The Increasing Number of Smartphones is leading to a Global App Development Frenzy

Mobiles and Smartphones have truly taken to globe by surprise and projections put the number of smartphones being used globally at about 1.75 billion and the number is increasing rapidly. In fact, the trend is such that today an end user is aware of the operating system employed in the smart phone and its features! Such has been the penetration of mobiles into every household.

Best smartphone operating systems to purchase

When you intend to purchase a smart phone you need to consider all the different factors linked to the phone itself and whereas in many situations people are observing the phones specifications but you need to consider the operating system. Always stick to popular smartphones operating systems like android since there are a large number of android app development companies in India, which is also resulting in a huge number of apps being developed and offers in the market.

The same goes for the iOS whereby the iPhone app development companies in India are also increasing as more people can afford to purchase the iPhone. Avoid Operating systems which lack proper app support and development, no matter how cheap they may be. These will seriously limit your capacity and ability to perform efficiently during robust this smartphone era.

Considering smartphone app development as a career

It is a common trend to find people pursuing a career related to a sudden hike in demand for a product or service. During the millennium (2000), there was a huge influx in the number of graduates pursuing computer software development since the windows OS had just began gaining popularity and being widely used globally. In 2010 a new form of software development suddenly began gaining popularity and this was related to application development for smartphone. Today there are a larger number of android app development companies in India as compared to any other nation across the globe given the meteoric rise and popularity of the Android OS.

The number of iPhone app development companies in India is also rising rapidly since the use of applications is not restricted to national boundaries and iPhone apps can be accessed from across the globe.

With smartphones offering a compact and convenient mode of mobile communication, it is likely most people will retain the desire and need to use these small but powerful gadgets. Already a rapid reduction in the demand for desktop and laptop computers have been observed globally since people simply don’t need them for most e-communication needs. Smart phones also come in convenient sizes to fit every users need making them likely to continue being used and remain popular globally for many years to come.

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